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T2000ADSB Transponder

AUD 5,498.90

  • Enhanced visibility – to both other aircraft and Air Traffic Control
  • Compact design in one unit – enables simple ready to go, plug and play installation
  • Seamless integration of GPS position source and altitude encoder – no further configuration or purchases required


T2000 ADSB Transponder


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Ideal for light sport and experimental aircraft operators looking for enhanced visibility and to meet airspace mandates, the new Microair ADSB Transponder integrates Mode AC, ADSB out, GPS position source and altitude encoder in one compact unit.

Designed for easy installation, the ADSB Transponder improves situational awareness by making you visible to other aircraft.

It is fully compliant to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of New Zealand for ADSB Out.


  • Suitable for light sport and experimental aircraft
  • Mode A/C with ADSB Out
  • Integrated GPS position source and altitude encoder in one unit
  • Compact and lightweight design. Suits standard 57mm (2 ¼ inch) round panel cut out, with 160mm housing depth.
  • 200 watt antenna output
  • Low power consumption
  • Display screen readable in all lighting conditions
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Compliant to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of New Zealand requirements for ADSB Out
  • Five year extended warranty on upgraded parts

Supported in Australia and by our global dealer network including US and Ireland

  • 7-10 day servicing turnaround time
  • Contact our support services directly for any enquiries – our service centre is easily contactable by phone


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Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 6.1 × 6.1 cm

Compatible with any C88a compliant altitude encoder with either a Gilham or serial output. Or use the inbuilt altimeter.

TSO Equivalence

• C74c Class 1a – Transponder
• C166b Class B0 1090Mhz Extended Squitter ADS-B Out (with B1S power output and antenna configuration meeting all 14 CFR 91.227 requirements)
• C196b GPS Position Source (with software upgrade to C145f in late 2023)
• C106c & C88a – Altimeter (to 30,000 feet)


Round panel mount 2 ¼” (57 mm)

Control Backlit

LCD with rotary selector for setting Mode A code, Flight ID and settings. Push buttons for easy access to common features such as Ident and VFR default code.


• DB25 for power, Gillham code, serial, discrete inputs. Plug and play with the existing T2000SFL Transponder.
• BNC – Transponder antenna
• TNC – GPS antenna
• 1/8” NPT- Static


-20 to +55 Celsius


55,000 feet, inbuilt altimeter to 30,000 feet

Power Input

10 to 33 volts DC negative chassis ground, 2W average (7W peak)

RF Output

1090 Mhz at 200 watts (nominal peak power)

SWR Tolerance

<5:1 or open feed line

Accompanying App

• iOS and Android T2000 App
• Allows configuration and settings from an intuitive app installed on the owner’s or pilot’s personal device
• Secondary display of altimetry and position data
• Facilitates periodic software updates as new features and functions are released


Wiring harness available

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