T2000UAV-ADSB Transponder

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Introducing the new T2000UAV-ADSB transponder.

The T2000UAV-ADSB is a Mode3 A/C Extended Squitter ADS-B Out 1090MHz transponder that is compatible with all ADS-B surveillance systems. Designed for use on UAVs, the T2000UAV-ADSB is now available in 3 versions to optimise integration options with existing UAV architecture.

T2000UAV-ADSB-GE – includes an inbuilt GPS position source (compliant to FAR91.227) and altitude encoder

T2000UAV-ADSB-G – includes an inbuilt GPS position source (compliant with FAR91.227)

T2000UAV-ADSB-E – includes an inbuilt altitude encoder


T2000ADSB Transponder


The T2000UAV-ADSB Mode3 A/C transponder introduces seamless integration of ADSB functionality to the existing T2000UAV-L transponder. Now with inbuilt GPS position source and altitude encoder, the T2000UAV-ADSB provides greater opportunity to increase safety and reduce architecture complexity for unmanned aircraft. This product is suitable for all experimental unmanned aircraft.


The T2000UAV-ADSB GPS position source is compliant to FAR91.227 standard and is neatly integrated within the transponder unit to simplify installation and reduce overall weight.  The inbuilt altitude encoder communicates barometric altitude Grayscale (Gillham Code) data to the transponder to reply to all mode A and mode C interrogations.


A UAV uniquely identifiable code from air traffic control is entered into the device to enable the UAV to remain recognisable to both ATC and other TCAS operators. The T2000UAV-ADSB is designed for very low power consumption to permit prolonged UAV operation, while at the same time maintaining a nominal 200W output power consistent with Class 1 transponders. At only 474g, the T2000UAV-ADSB continues to provide an all-in-one optimal weight solution for payload sensitive aerial vehicles.


Additional Information:

TSO Equivalence

  • C74c Class 1a
  • C88a (to 30,000 feet)
  • C166b Class B0 (with B1 power output)
  • Meets 14 CFR 91.227(c)(1)
  • Environmental DO-160G
  • Software DO-178C DAL-C


  • DB25 for power, Gillham code, serial, discrete inputs.
  • BNC – transponder antenna
  • TNC – GPS antenna
  • 1/8” NPT – static


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Weight 0.416 kg
Dimensions 13.4 × 6.1 × 6.1 cm


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