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Microair Avionics to deliver a “cost effective” ADS-B advanced air traffic surveillance equipment for general aviation.

Microair Avionics has a proud history of pioneering lightweight, energy-efficient, and affordable General Aviation (GA), Sports Aviation (SA) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) focused avionics products.

As a subsequent step in the evolution of its highly successful range of Mode A/C transponders, Microair is excited to announce the release of a low-cost upgrade that will incorporate an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)compliant solution for existing owners of the T2000SFL.

ADS-B provides aircraft position, altitude and speed information to air traffic controllers without the need for conventional radar systems. ADS-B has the added advantage of making it possible for pilots to observe the relative position of other aircraft in the vicinity on specialized cockpit displays.

Microair will use the T2000 Transponder as the platform for the upgrade. The upgraded T2000ADSB will continue to transmit a reply to conventional radar interrogations but will also broadcast ADS-B position and velocity information via a 1090ESdata link.

The ADS-B information can be received by relatively simple ground stations and by air traffic control for precise tracking of the aircraft when the radar is not available.

Microair’s goal is to deliver the ADS-B upgrades as an integrated solution to the existing T2000, to reduce the overall cost to owners and bring the safety benefits of this technology within the reach of the sports and general aviation market.

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