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Ins and Outs of ADSB Transponders: What is Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast?

This is an image of a light aircraft with an ADSB Transponder

Often shortened to ADSB, Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast systems accurately track the position, altitude, velocity and flight ID of an aircraft, broadcasting real-time data to air traffic control and other ADSB In capable aircraft.

Installed as electronic transponders, ADSB transponder systems supersede outdated radar systems, using both satellite (GPS) and ground-based surveillance systems to enable more efficient and safer routing.

ADSB In systems can receive ADSB transmissions, as well as weather information, directly to the cockpit. Enabling more efficient and safer routing, ADSB Out systems automatically transmit data twice per second — a rate far faster and further-reaching than radar.

ADSB Out transponders offer light aircraft pilots a significant safety upgrade, enhancing airspace visibility for air traffic control and other aircraft with ADSB In capable systems. Even in remote areas without radar coverage, having an ADSB-capable transponder installed ensures your aircraft can be accurately tracked by air traffic control centres whilst within the coverage volume of commissioned ADS-B ground stations.

Because of their safety benefits, ADSB transponders are already mandatory in aircraft flying under Australian instrument flight rules (IFR), reducing the risk of mid-air collisions. While not yet required for visual flight rules (VFR) aircraft owners, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) recommends taking advantage of subsidies through local ADSB rebate programs.

Improving visibility across Australia’s open skies, Microair’s new ADSB Out transponder is eligible for ADSB rebate programs in both Australia and New Zealand. Designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia, the T2000ADSB is a lightweight plug-and-play transponder with low power requirements.

Expected to replace surface-based radar technology, ADSB takes human error out of the ‘see and avoid’ principle of flying. Microair’s T2000ADSB Out transponder ensures your aircraft can be seen at all times — so you can fly on with confidence.

The Australian Government’s AU$30 million ADSB Rebate Program (closing May 2023) and NZ Government’s NZ$12.5 million ADSB Grant Scheme (closing December 2023) help owners of recreational aircraft upgrade to this innovative technology in 2023. Microair has been challenging the status quo with their world-class avionics solutions for over 25 years, helping your dreams take flight.

Find out more about how to upgrade your light aircraft to Microair’s new T2000ADSB Transponder and take advantage of government rebates at

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