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ADSB-In Launching February 2024 – See & Be Seen

We are excited to announce that we will be launching the T2000ADSB-IO, an ADSB-In version of the popular T2000, in February 2024.

ADSB-In provides a stream of traffic data to your Android Tablet or IPAD and to your favourite App that supports GDL90 traffic, including AvPlan*, OzRunways* and ForeFlight* to improve your situational awareness.

Take advantage of the Australian Government rebate offering up to 50% of purchase and installation costs for eligible ADSB devices up to a maximum of AUD$5,000 per aircraft, until the end of May 2024, benefiting pilots of light aircraft, gliders, gyrocopters and balloons.

Pricing for the ADSB-IO is as follows:

T2000ADSB-IO Transponder                      AUD$6,195.00 (plus GST)

T2000ADSB-IO Upgrade from Rev 7        AUD$3,895.00 (plus GST)

T2000ADSB-IO Upgrade pre Rev 7          AUD$4,295.00 (plus GST)

T2000ADSB -IO Upgrade from T2000ADSB-Out   AUD$1,495.00 (plus GST)


  • What is the difference between the ADSB Out and ADSB In-Out in the transmission of your current Aircraft position and velocity, so that other Aircraft and ATC can see you?

ADSB In receives other Aircrafts ADSB transmissions allowing you to see the traffic around you on your favourite EFB App.

  • What Apps does it work with?

All Apps supporting GDL90 over wifi at this stage.  We have extensively tested AvPlan, OzRunways & Foreflight *(* Trademarks of the respective companies).

To secure an ADSB-IO Upgrade to your existing T2000 you can book your place in the queue now with a $500 deposit.  Just click on the below link to our website or email us at

ADSB-IO Upgrade – Deposit

Microair has been challenging the status quo with their world-class avionics solutions for over 25 years, helping your dreams take flight.

Find out more about how to upgrade your light aircraft to Microair’s new T2000ADSB-IO Transponder and take advantage of government ADSB rebate programs at

(*Trademarks of their respective companies, Apps available for purchase).

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