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Headphone Connector Plate – Advanced

AUD 317.90

The T3000 Headphone Connector – Advanced
BOSE Lemo Connector
GA 12BHeadphone and S12B Microphone
USB-C 15W Charger


Digital Intercom and Audio System Headphone Connector - Advanced


Versatile Connector Options: Compatible with GA, EMO and other industry-standard connectors for easy installation.

Crystal Clear Digital Audio: Enjoy superior sound quality for all communications and entertainment needs.

Efficient USB-C Power (15W): Modern, fast-charging solutions for all your devices.

Streamlined Audio Cabling: Reduces complexity, enhances reliabilty and reduces weight.

Personalised Audio Control:  Each passenger and crew member can tailor their own audio experience, while pilots retain the ability to override at any time

Bluetooth Connectivity: Effortlessly stream your favorite music or entertainment wirelessly. Share your entertainment audio with other passengers.

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