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Microair Avionics exhibiting at the World of Drones and Robotics Conference in Brisbane

Media Release: Microair Avionics exhibiting at the World of Drones and Robotics Conference in Brisbane.

12 October 2021, BRISBANE, Australia – Microair Avionics, a market leader in the avionics industry has, like all companies in aviation been shocked by the devastation Covid19 has had worldwide.  We are optimistic that the World of Drones & Robotics Congress will rejuvenate our local industry and assure everyone that together we will overcome these hard times.

We are delighted to participate as an exhibitor at the Brisbane event where our team can reconnect with our customers and industry colleagues to share the benefits of new products and services designed to solve challenges that stand in the way of sustainable customers success. At the congress, Microair Avionics will be showcasing the UAV-VL and UAV-L transponders, as well as the M760 transceiver. The UAV–VL delivers a lighter and smaller version of the UAV-L at only 320grams in weight.  The “VL” denotes Very Light – only 300g (10.5oz). The T2000UAV-VL is a special version of the T2000 Transponder, designed for operation in unmanned aircraft.

The T2000UAV – VL can help you to open ATC controlled airspace for your product, by making the UAV visible to ATC controllers. The UAV operator will be able to enter an ID code given by ATC, into the T2000UAV – VL, to make the UAV uniquely identifiable. Transponder capability will make your UAV visible to TCAS operators, which affords great safety for commercial aircraft operators. The transponder will reply to all mode A and mode C interrogations and will accept barometric altitude Grayscale (Gillham Code) data. The T2000UAV – VL was designed for very low power consumption, which permits prolonged operation on the battery. The T2000UAV – VL can however still pulse out a 200W signal. At only 300g (10.5oz) the T2000UAV – VL does not eat up precious payload capacity, and its physical size and shape make it easy to install. The T2000UAV – VL can be supplied with either a standard BNC connector or a standard TNC connector loaded on the rear face of the chassis.

During the World of Drones & Robotics Congress,  we will present all our products and services within the context of booked one-on-one meetings. We very much look forward to seeing you there!  Drop into our booth to view and feel our products, book a meeting, have a chat, or visit our website to learn how Microair Avionics is innovating during these challenging times.

About Microair Avionics 

You asked us and we listened – delivering the avionics you require 25 years on. We are a pre-emptive, technology-inspired company – designing and manufacturing lightweight, energy-efficient, and cost-effective General Aviation (GA), Sports Aviation (SA) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) focused avionic products for you, wherever you are. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia and supported via our global network of customer care, warranties and technical support. 25 years in the making, we thank our partners, customers, and representatives near and far, from the creation of our first radio the M720 VHF Comm, to our next generation of products, the tiny M760 radio, our first and lightweight T2000 transponder, the entry into the UAV realm with the super successful T2000UAV and TSO certification enabled the T2000 to successfully enter the GA market.


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